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Noblet Field Station Improvements 2014
Noblet Field Station Gets a Lift

The sturdy log cabin that now serves as GLC’s field station was built in 1948 by U.J. Bert Noblet and his sons from pine, cedar, maple, and hemlock taken from the land surrounding it. The Jacobsville sandstone that was used for the fireplace was brought across the lake by boat as there was no road to the Noblet land at that time.

As a vintage structure in a rather remote location, the cabin requires ongoing attention. When GLC acquired the cabin in 1998 it was in good condition inside, but several logs had to be partially replaced on the sides of the structure that face the lake. A room that had been tacked on the east side was removed and a back porch added. About 10 years ago the cabin was reroofed and more recently the chimney was repaired.

This summer Kenny Svenson replaced a section of the bottom log near the cabin’s front door. Then in late September, Mark Dudenas and crew worked on the cabin’s foundation. They lifted the southeastern corner of the structure and replaced a rotting support beam. Decaying hemlock supports were replaced with cement and block supports on the east side of the cabin. Log cabins were often built with one corner nearly resting on the ground. Improving air circulation by lifting the corner of the structure, removing deteriorated support timbers, shoring up the foundation, and directing runoff away from the cabin with some re-grading will help preserve the structure. Finishing touches to this work will be added next year.

“Amber,” “Jake,” and “As it Were” now have a new home designed and constructed by Kenny Svenson (pictured left). GLC’s canoes “Amber” and “Jake” were named after the first two students to study under the tutelage of Headwater’s naturalists Raven and Mike Scheiwe at GLC’s Noblet Field Station. Amber Kenny surveyed freshwater clams in Gratiot Lake and the Little Gratiot River, and budding ornithologist Jake Musser studied warblers.

These canoes have weathered a lot in 15 years, as they have spent summers exposed to the elements on the ground. With this summer’s donation by Lisken VanPelt Dus of her beloved childhood canoe “As it Were” to the GLC fleet, the construction of a boat shed to house the canoes was in order.


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