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Algae of Gratiot Lake 

Working under the guidance of Mike Scheiwe of Headwaters Environmental Station,
Robert Heyman carefully examined microscopic algae from the lake.

Twenty-five genera of algae were found.
Overall, the diversity of algae found indicate that Gratiot is a healthy lake.

Among the types observed were Tabellaria and Cyclotella which are usually indicators of clean water.

Robert found Closterium a species that sometimes clogs water filters.

Gloeotrichia forms spherical algal colonies visible to the naked eye.
An abundance of Gloeotrichia was observed when hot summer weather prevailed.
Contact with such ‘blooms” of Gloeotrichia can cause skin irritation.

Below are some of Robert's sketches.

Closterium sp.

Ceratium sp.

Pedistrum sp

Zygnema sp.

Cyclotella sp.

Tabellaria sp.
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