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Eagle Banding

On July 1st, Joe Papp came to Gratiot Lake to band one male eaglet. The baby was in good condition and the pike bones in the nest gave a clue of his good diet. An unhatched egg found in the nest and blood and feather samples taken from the eaglet will be analyzed to determine heavy metal, PCB, and pesticide content.

In the 2002 Bald Eagle Nesting Census, the Gratiot Lake nest was one of only ten Keweenaw Peninsula nests which successfully produced 19 young. In 2003, preliminary data show, 21 eaglets were counted in the Keweenaw Peninsula from 14 nests. Thanks to Sergej Postupalsky for providing this data.

Here is another good eagle info site U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Region 3 Endangered Species Website http://midwest.fws.gov/Endangered/

Click Here to see a slideshow of the banding of the 2003 eaglet.

Click here to see a short excerpt from this year's eagle banding video. (1 MB QuickTime)

Click here to view the archived info from the 2002 eagle banding.

Click here to view the archived info from the 2001 eagle banding.

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